Baptisms at The Old Church Calcutta, Fort William in Bengal A.D. 1856.

Said to be Baptised. Said to be born. Child's Sex. Parents Names. Abode.

Christen Name. Christen Surname.

Year Month Day . Year Month Day .

1856 April 6th , 1854 January 20th Alice George Savage Calcutta.

Maud And

Joan Girl Elizabeth

1856 April 6th . 1855 December 12th Mary

Emma Girl George J . Finsell Calcutta.


Margret P.

1856 April 6th . 1855 November 24th Everline Girl Heston Wright Calcutta.



1856 April 5th . 1856 March 15th John Edmond H J Kean Calcutta.


Edmond Boy

1856 April 18th . 1856 March 9th Charles Clearnce Benham Calcutta.

Stephen Boy And


1856 April 15th . 1856 March 5th Alice Girl Henry P P Bearskin Calcutta.


Mary Jane.

Some Baptisms records in India that might help those who are researching their family history in India.

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