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Baptisms at The Old Church Calcutta Fort William in Bengal A.D. 1856.

Said to be Baptised. Said to be Born. Child's Sex Parents Name Abode.

Year Month Day , Year Month Day. Christen


1856 April 15th 1855 December 5th Emma Girl Paul Harvey D' Mello Calcutta.

Margret And

Eleanor Prisella.

1856 April 21st 1856 January 14th Eleanor Girl Alexander George Coates Calcutta.

Eliza And


1856 May 1st 1856 February 27th Annie Girl Matthew Tate Ingeman Calcutta.

Ethel And

Helen Laura.

1856 May 14th 1856 March 27th Charles Boy John Clogham Calcutta.



1856 May 5th 1853 June 1st Jannet Girl George Thomas Saviel Calcutta.

Eliza And

Charlotte Sophia Mary.

1856 May 1st 1856 January 29th Joseph Boy James Daniel Danielle Calcutta.

Matthew And


Some Baptisms records in India which may help those who are researching their family history in India.

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