BURIALS at The Town Cemetary Rangoon of European or Eurasian .

For the quarter commencing from the 1st day of April 1884 to the 31st day of March 1891.

Serial No. What Date, Christen Name. Surnames. Age. Profession.

181 Year. Month . Day. Eliza Rose Sampson 33 Wife of Mr Daniel Sampson.

1884 May 30th.

182 1884 Apl 4th Violet Ada David 6 months. -----

12 days.

183 1884 Apl 23rd Ralph Beachall 9 months.--------

184 1884 Apl 20th Walter Ripley 2 months.--------

185 1884 May 4th Richard B. Pensfold 1 months. -------

10 days.

186 1884 May 21st Raymond Ferendez 54 Sail maker.

Some Burials records in Burma that may help those who are researching their family history in Burma.

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