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Alexander George Coles born about 1805 England UK, married 28th of October 1841 Calcutta Bengal India to Catherine Smyth born about 1823 England UK.

Childrens: 1. Alexander George Coles born 24th of September 1842 Calcutta Bengal India, Christening 9th of October 1842 Calcutta Bengal India, Died 1st of January 1858 Calcutta Bengal India.

2. Frances (Fanny) Coles born about 1844 Calcutta Bengal India, married 1st of October 1862 Calcutta Bengal India to Charles Coles Bonnand born about 1841 India, Father William Bonnand and mother Ann Elizabeth Coles. Childrens: 1. Alice Ellen Bonnand born 14th of September 1864, christening 19th of February 1865 Calcutta Bengal India.

2. Frederick Sidney Bonnand, born 18th of May 1867 , christening 20th of October 1867.

3. Annie Matilda Bonnand born 22nd of April 1869 christening 3rd of July 1869 Calcutta Bengal India died 29th of November 1869 Calcutta Bengal India.

4. Florence May Bonnand born 27th of December 1870 Calcutta Bengal India.

5. Ida Louise Bonnand born 26th of February 1872 christening 16th of June 1872 Calcutta Bengal India.

3. Phoebe Coles born 9th of September 1845 Christening 6th of July 1847 Calcutta Bengal India , married 6th of August 1866 to George Alfred Bonnand born about 1844 India.Father William Bonnand and mother Ann Elizabeth Coles.

4. Mary Jane Coles born 26th of December 1847 christening 1st of February 1848 Calcutta Bengal India, married 7th of January 1871 to Walter Kierrander Bonnand born about 1847 India.

5. Alexander William Coles born 25th of November 1850 christening 23rd of March 1851 Agra Bengal India.

6. John Robert Coles born 16th of December 1851 Chrstening 7th of May 1854 Calcutta Bengal India.

7. Annie Louise Coles born 20th of March 1854 Christening 7th of May 1856 Calcutta Bengal India, married 19th of May 1884 Calcutta Bengal India to Archibald Edward Gough born about 1844 Islington England UK ,married 1st 10th of January 1871 Bannores India to Amelia louise Leupolt born about 1845 India. Died 1st of May 1901 India father Alexander Dick Gough.

8. Eleanor Eliza Coles born 10th of January 1856 Christening 20th of April 1856 Calcutta Bengal India, married 19th of March Calcutta Bengal to Machertich Belthaser born about 1853 Calcutta Bengal India, father Johaanas Machertich Belthaser and mother Adelaide Amelia Maseyk Joseph.

Most of these records can be found on, and

I hope this will help in your family history research in India.

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