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Notary Public , John Raphael Shircore . Allahabad India.

To all to whom these presents shall count I John Raphael Shircore Notary Public duly authorized admitted and sworn residing and practising at Allahabad in the North Western Provinces of India do hereby certified that George Athanas Savielle the person named in the paper writing on declaration on the other side written and who is well known to me did duly and solemuly declare to the truth thereof before me on the day of the date thereof and that the name "G.A.Savielle " thereto subscribed is of the proper hand writing of the said George Athanas Savielle.

In testimony where of I can hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seal of Office at Allahabad afore said this Twelth day of December in the year of one thousand eight hundred and seventy three.

Seal of Office.

John R Shircore Notary Public Allahabad. Signed : JohnRShircore.

Notary Public.


I hope this will help those who are researching their family history in India.

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