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The Bolst Family in India.

John Martin Bolst Suzanna ?

Born about 1778 Germany, Born about 1782 England UK.

Died 1818 Calcutta Bengal India,

Married about 1800 India,

Childrens: (1) Eleanora Bolst

Born about 1816 Calcutta Bengal India

Died 1838 Calcutta Bengal India.

Married 1836 to James Henry Saviel Widower, born about 1798 Calcutta Bengal India, Married (1st) Sophia Deveraux Widower 1833 Calcutta Bengal India, Married (3) Eliza Colliard 1839 Calcutta Bengal India, Died 1878 Calcutta Bengal India .

(2) Henry Bolst,

Born about 1816 Calcutta Bengal India.

Sister to John Martin Bolst , Joanna Bolst Born about 1780 Germany , married about 1805 to Mr. Barnard ,England UK.

Nice. to John Martin Bolst , Maria Chatter , Possible Husband to Maria , Charles Chatter.

Some of this information can be found on,, and

I hope this will help those who are researching for their family history in India.

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