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The Eadon Family Tree.

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

John Eadon born about April-May-June 1853 Sheffield Yorkshire England UK, Father James Eadon, married Lydia Simon born about 1879 England UK father John Simon, on the 14th of February 1899 , Rangoon Burma , Childrens : 1. Valentine Cyril Eadon born 26th of April 1900 Rangoon Burma , Christening 13th of May 1900 Died 25th of May 1900 Rangoon Burma, 2.Annie Rebecca Eadon born 7th of June 1902 Rangoon Burma, Christening 29th of June 1902 Rangoon Burma, 3. Percial John Claude Eadon born about 1903 Rangoon Burma, Christening 1905 Rangoon Burma, married 1st 16th of November 1927 Rangoon Burma to Dorothy May Billon born about 1909 Rangoon Burma father Henry Billon mother Mary Billon, married 2nd on the 18th of January 1934 Rangoon Burma to Phyillis Cynthia Blanche Meade born about 26th of December 1913 Christening on the 18th of January 1914 west Bengal India Father William Meade mother Minnette Meade, Childrens: A. Prisculla Celine Eadon born 1st of March 1935 Yamethin Bengal India, Christening 24th of March 1935 Bengal India. B. Gordan Derrick Anthony Eadon born 16th of December 1936 Yamethin Bengal India, Christening 27th of December 1936 Bengal India.

4. Irene Margaret Eadon born 4th of December 1904 Rangoon Burma Christening 28th of January 1905 Rangoon Burma.

5. Mary Theresa Eadon born 3rd of November 1906 Christening 18th of November 1906 St. Anthony Church , Rangoon Burma Father John Eadon mother Lydia Simon. Record of 1930 England & Wales Electoral Registers 1920-1932 at Warwickshire England UK.

Henry Billon and Mary Billon, childrens 1. Marie Beatrice Billon born about 1904 Calcutta Bengal India married 7th of November 1925 Calcutta Bengal India to James Arthur Barker born about 1904. 2. Dorothy May Billon born about 1909 Calcutta Bengal India.

Some of these records can be found on,, and

George T Saviel.

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