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The George Family in India.

Francis George born 1847 Calcutta Bengal India died 1916 Calcutta Bengal India, married 26th of May 1879 Vepery Madras India to Ruth Hephzibah Sledge born 1863 Madras India, died 1919 Calcutta Bengal India,Father William Henry Sledge.

Childrens: 1. lena Turnbull George born 16th of March 1880 bapt. 29th of March 1880 Vepery Madras India,

2. Joseph Donald Turnbull George born 8th of September 1881 bapt. 28th of October 1881 Vepery Madras India.

3. Clarence Francis George born about 1885 Madras India died 1943 Burma,married 21st of February 1905 Maymyo Burma, To Mabel Hope Skinner.

4. Sybil Ethel George born about 1885 Madras India married 5th of September 1906 Madras India to Frederick Osmond David.

5. Joseph Turnbull George born about 1887 Calcutta Bengal India, married 23rd of march 1930 Calcutta Bengal to Queenie Phyllis Clare Desouza.

6. Helen Alexandrian George born 28th of February 1888 bapt. 2nd of April 1888 Jhansi India died 28th of September 1912 Delhi India.

7. Sydney William George born 24th of December 1889 bapt. 2nd of April 1890 Madras India.

8. Alice Linda George born about 1892 Bengal India married 15th of May 1917 Dhurrumtollah Bengal India to Cyril Moran Jacob.

9. Gladys Venetta George born about 1896 Calcutta Bengal India married 26th of July 1926 Calcutta Bengal India to Henry Edmund Clarence Toussaint.

Some of these records can be found on I hope this help with your research in your family history in India.

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