The Jeanes Family.

Peter Jeanes born about 1587 Piddlehipton , Dorset England UK, father John Jeans and Mother Elizabeth Collier, Death: 21st of October 1636 Cattistock, Dorset England UK,

Children: (1) Peter Jeanes born 27th of April 1608, Callistock, Dorset England UK, Married to Alice , Children: (1) Margaret Jeanes, born 30th of September 1634 Callistock, Dorset, England UK , married 2nd of September 1669 to William Swaffield, Children: Edward Swaffield born 5th of February 1698 Died about 1761 England UK, married 9th of December 1717 at Seaborough, Dorset England UK, to Mary Barrett born about 1696 Frompton , Dorset England UK died about 1743 Broadwindsor, Dorset England UK, father Chrisopher Barrett and mother Mary Briant. Children : (1) Mary Swaffield, born about 1712, Dorset England UK , married to John Scott, Childrens: (1) Thomas Scott , born 13th of May 1734 Somerset England UK, died about 1785 Somerset England UK, (2) Mary Scott born 9th of November 1737 Somerset England UK , died about May 1810 Somerset England UK, (3) John Scott, born 30th of April 1740 Somerset England UK, died about 1785 Somerset England UK, (4) James Scott born 6th of February 1742 Somerset England UK, Died about 1818 Somerset England UK, (5) Hannah Scott, born about 1744 Somerset England UK, died 3rd of April 1807 Somerset England UK, (6) Anna Scott ,born 8th of November 1747 Somerset England UK died about April 1755 Somerset England UK, (7) Elizabeth Betty Scott, born 2nd of February 1744 Somerset England UK died May 1777, Somerset England UK, (9) Edward Scott born 16th of November 1755 Somerset England UK, died about July 1836 Somerset England UK, (8) Dinah Scott, born 12th of April 1753 Somerset England UK, died about May 1816 Somerset England UK.

Some of these records can be found on,,

I hope this will help those who are researching their family history.

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Anthony Smith born about 1635 Calne, Wiltshire England UK, married 24th of October 1659 at Calne, Wiltshire England UK to Joan Jeanes born about 1633, Callistock, Dorset England UK. Children: (1) Sus