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The MacNeelance Family Tree.

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Galbraith MacNeelance Born about 1788 Died about 1833 India, married about 1811 Fort William Calcutta Bengal India to Mary Ann Morley born about 1792 died about 1854 India , Children : 1. Maria MacNeelance born about 1812 Fort William Calcutta Bengal India died 1812 Fort William Calcutta Bengal India, 2. Maria MacNeelance born about 1813 Fort William Calcutta Bengal India , Married 22nd of November 1841 Calcutta Bengal India to John Manuel born about 1814 , 3. Coote MacNeelance born about 1814 Fort William Calcutta Bengal India Baptisted 1817 Calcutta Bengal India .

4. Charlotte MacNeelance born September 1817 Baptisted 6th of February 1824 Fort William Calcutta Bengal India , Married 1st 11th of June 1834 Calcutta Bengal India to William Morley born about 1814 , children: 1. William Samuel Morley Born 6th of July 1836 Rayjinahal Bengal India , 2. Sophia Mary Morley Born 13th of September 1837 Purneah ,Calcutta Bengal baptisted 5th of September 1841 Calcutta Bengal India,, married 1st 110th of January 1853 to George Thomas Saviel born about 1827 India , Died about 1894 Pegu Burma. .

Children: 1. George Saviel born about 1853 Calcutta Bengal Baptisted 1855 Calcutta Bengal India India Died 1932 London England UK, married 1905 Calcutta Bengal India to Alice Louise Hay born Stewart 1868 England UK.

2. Janet Eliza Charlotte Saviel born about 1853 Calcutta Bengal India Baptisted 1857 Calcutta Bengal India, Died 27th of March 1888 Calcutta , Lower Circular Road Calcutta Bengal India,, Married 1st 26th of August 1868 Calcutta Bengal India to Charles Frank Myers born about 1840 Calcutta Bengal India , Married 2nd 1885 Calcutta Bengal India, to Cecil Francis Xavier George born about 1860 .

3. Alexander Saviel born about 1864 India Died 1884 Rangoon Burma.

Charlotte Morley born MacNeelance,

Married 2nd George Izzard 25th of April 1835 Hertfordshire England UK , Children: 1. Caroline Izzard born about 1836 Middlesex England UK ,2. Richard Izzard, born about 1838 Hertfordshire England UK , 3. Alice Izzard born about 1840 Hertfordshire England UK, 4. Alfred Izzard, Born about 1842 Hertfordshire England UK 1st married Sarah Warman 26th of Febraury 1865 St. Mary Church Hitchin Hertfordshire England UK, Children 1. Laura Izzard, Born about 1867 Hitchin Hertfordshire England UK, 2. Fred Izzard born about 1869 Hitchin Herftordshire England UK , 3. Walter Izzard born about 1873 Hitchin Hertfordshire England UK, married 2nd to Lizzie Smart on the 16th of April 1892 St. Albans Hertfordshire England UK.

Alfred Izzard died about 1880 Hitchin Hertfordshire England UK.

Charles Izzard born about 1870 Hitchin Hertfordshire England Uk married 14th of April 1862 St. Albans Church Herfordshire England UK Children: 1. Richard Izzard born about 1863 Hertfordshire England UK, 2. Alfred Izzard born about 1866 Hertfordshire England UK, 3. George Izzard born about 1869 Hertfordshire England UK, Married Sarah Jane Bateman on the 4th of May 1890 St. Albans Hertfordshire England UK. , 3. Wiliam Izzard born about 1872 Hertfordshire England UK, Married 21st of February 1892 to Sarah Ann Powell St. Albans Church Hertfordshire England UK. 4. Mitilda Izzard born about 23rd of August 1875 Chrstening 1876 Hertfordshire England UK, 5. Alice Izzard born about 1881 died 1881 Hertfordshire England UK, 6. Albert Izzard born about 1881 Died 1882 Hertfordshire England UK.

Some of the information I have found on, and at the India Record Office The British Library London England UK.

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